Why American Bison for your next A-2?

American Bison A-2

The US Wing’s  American Bison A-2 is made from premium Wisconsin farm-raised bison, which is as rugged and durable as cowhide but has the suppleness of lambskin. It’s the perfect amalgam of classic A-2 styling, uniqueness of material, comfort, durability and outstanding American craftsmanship. Compare our USA made American Bison jacket to competitors who sell a $995 imported bison jacket and we think you’ll agree that our American-made Bison A-2 is both the superior choice and a superior value!

Strength, durability, softness, lightness, casual, dressy, two season, three season are considerations to make in Leather Selection.  Modern day leather is generally shaved to obtain a smooth finish.  In doing so, the characteristics which distinguish unique leather is eliminated.  The naturalness of leather is enhanced by range marks which gives it the old European look.  As leather ages, the range marks bring out its character and give it a suppleness and richness.  US Army Air Force A2 flight jackets were originally made of horsehide, a very heavy and extremely durable material.  In 1943 The military switched to goatskin, much lighter weight but very tough.  Kangaroo and Lambskin are very light weight.  Kangaroo is extremely strong and the softer nature of Lambskin tends to scratch easily. American Bison like horsehide is heavier, with much character in its grain. The look, the use, the season, the weight and the color are factors you should consider in making your Leather Selection.

American Bison Leather Jackets are set apart from all leather jackets.  The leather is slightly heavier than cowhide but has the softness & suppleness of lambskin.  The hand-aging process in Bison Leather Jackets really brings out the varied grain & subtle color variations. Bison Leather Jackets have a rugged and authentic antique appearance.  After a bit of daily wear,  American Bison Leather Jackets will soon resemble a 50 year old garment.    A-2  American Bison Leather Jackets feature snap-down front pockets with side hand warmers, one piece back, snap-down collar, and interior pocket, satin nylon lining, antiqued brass zipper, knit cuffs and waistband.   They are built like a Battleship, made to last a lifetime.

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