The US is Supplying Kurds in and Around Kobane

The Middle East has been in an uproar and torn apart in the recent months as countries in the area struggle to contain the rapid rise of the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant (aka ISIS, ISIL, and IS), a terrorist organization that has captured huge swathes of territory in both Iraq and Syria and who have established an Islamic Caliphate. It might not be all that much of an exaggeration to say that the entire fate of the Middle East as we know it now rests on the battle raging for the Syrian border town of Kobane and the Kurds who are desperately fighting for their lives against the extremist onslaught. While the Kurds have been supported by western lead air strikes, they have been running low on weapons and ammunition for a while, along with more fighters. While they are currently holding out and even beating ISIS back, they need help.

Now it seems as though the battle against ISIS and for Kobane is about to drastically change. The US has announced that it has been air dropping weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies to the Kurds who are currently taking Kobane back from ISIS. This is not only going to increase the fighting effectiveness of the Kurds on the ground, it will also be a huge increase to moral and show of support from western countries. The announcing of US air drops comes right before another major shift in the battle; Turkey has announced that it will now allow Turkish Kurds to cross country borders so that they can help their Syrian brothers and sisters in the fight against ISIS. The flow of fresh and motivated fighters combined with the arms and supplies mean that the Kurds are going to be totally revitalized and revamped in their push to take control of the city back from ISIS fighters.

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