What does Sgt. Hack have to do with the Navy?

You might ask yourself what does Sgt. Hack, USA (Ret), have to do with the Navy?  GREAT COATS!
U.S. Navy Jackets and coats are well known for their warmth.  The traditional coats have been the Pea Coat and the G-1The coat of choice of the U.S. Navy for centuries, the Pea Coat is the heavy topcoat worn in cold, miserable weather. The name isn’t derived from the “Pea Soup weather” but rather from the heavy coarse twilled blue cloth it was originally created from.  The cloth was sometimes called P cloth and the garment evolved from being called a P-Jacket to later a Pea Coat.  Pea Coats have broad lapels, double breasted fronts with large buttons of either wooden, metal, or plastic buttons and slash pockets.  The standard for original Pea coats was 30 ounces, most often made of heavy Melton cloth, but today coats are made from 22 to 32 ounces.  Known for it warmth in severe weather, the Pea Coat has been worn not only by the military, but has been a staple of students wardrobes at high school and college campuses around the world.
Traditional US Navy  issue Pea Coats are dark blue, but many colors are offered by retailers.  Known not only for their warmth but for their durability, US Navy Pea Coats have been passed down through generations. As time has evolved several new  U.S. Navy Jackets have been introduced.  The A-2  Deck Jacket and the Shipboard Jacket are new entries. Issued to Navy Personnel for inclement and foul weather conditions, the A-2 Deck jacket is water repellent and wind resistant.  The Shipboard Jacket is a U.S. Navy Jacket issued to Navy crewmen. 

 The current, genuine government issue USN Nomex Shipboard Jacket was designed after the attack on the USS Cole in 2000.  It was designed to be a flame resistant and versatile jacket that stayed on the ship and was thus named the Shipboard Jacket.  In June 2014 it became a standard issued jacket.  The Navy has issued this Nomex jacket as a fire resistant, cold weather, windproof alternative to the A-2 Deck jacket.

The G-1 Military Flight Jackets was originally called the M-422A and introduced by the U.S Navy in the 1930’s.  In 1943, this jacket as named by the Navy and the Army Air Forces as the ANJ-3.  It officially became the G-1 in 1947.  Arguably, the G-1 is best know as the leather flight jacket worn by Tom Cruise in the film TOP GUN. The Pea Coat known for its warmth in severe weather has been a staple of students wardrobes at high school and college campuses around world.