US Wings 100% pure Silk Scarf

The US Wings 100% pure silk scarf recalls the bygone glory days of open cockpit barnstormers and remains popular with today’s fashion-conscious individuals. Nothing quite captures the daredevil spirit of the aviator like a silk scarf worn with a leather flight jacket; it also looks equally great with a peacoat, field jacket, or your favorite winter garment. Ours are handmade in the same tradition as their WWII counterparts. They measure 6 ft. long and 14 in. wide and are more substantial than the thinner knock-offs sold by others.

The Silk Scarf  was worn by many pilots serving our country.  An authentic classic aviation wardrobe staple and looks great with any leather bomber jacket, motorcycle jacket, peacoat or field jacket. Its generous size (12″ wide and six ft long) will keep you warm and protected from the wind on those chilly Fall and Winter days. A Silk Scarf was worn by Pilots of open cockpit aircraft in order to keep oily smoke from the exhaust out of their mouths while flying. US Army Air Force and Navy pilots of closed cockpit aircraft wore the Silk Scarf to  prevent neck chafing primarily due to constantly turning their heads from side to side watching for enemy aircraft. Today, modern military flight crews wear scarfs imprinted with unit insignia and emblems not for functional reasons but instead for esprit-de-corps and heritage.