Inspirations from The Life of a Warrior

Sgt. Hack has received hundreds of comments from consumers all over the United States about The Life of a Warrior. The book was written as an inspiration to others to help people overcome  difficulties in their lives.
Yesterday, he received this comment:

A great gift with my purchase.. I admire those who are self made. This book is is the story of one such man.
Sgt. Hack reminds me in some ways of my father. My father was orphaned, was not kept by relatives, and raised in an orphanage. There he met my mother, another orphan. They raised 5 children and put them all through college. No help from anyone.
The book also reminds me of what military service gives someone. Maturity and responsibility were two of my gifts.
It goes without saying what some in the military gave and continue to give for their country, and their fellow service members. It is a staggering gift.
A great book to pass on.
Reber Crib

Having given out over 100,000 copies for free, The Life of a Warrior is in its 10th printing.  Most recently Sgt. Hack announced  that The Life of a Warrior would be available through Kindle, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and  I books and that 100% of the proceeds would be given to the Haven of Rest, a shelter in Akron Ohio.

Another recent comment:

  I received a copy of the book “The Life of a Warrior” when my wife and I drove to Hudson, Ohio to purchase one of the jackets. At that time, I did not know who was the owner of U.S. Wings and simply set the book aside to be looked at on a future date.

While researching the site for a sizing chart, I discovered that the company was owned by Sgt Hack. I grew up in the area. Munroe Falls,Stow and Cuyahoga Falls and heard the name “Sgt. Hack used”. I also heard about Sgt. Hack from a family member that had contact with him, that was back in the late 1970’s.

I needed to relay the above background information to put into context the rest of my review.

I actually opened up the PDF version of the book and printed it off not remembering that I had received a bound copy of the book at the store. Just one of those well “duh” moments for me, but does let folks know that they can download the book to their computer and read and/or print it off on paper copy.

On to the review.

The book has filled in the missing pieces about Sgt Hack that I did not know. My impression of Sgt Hack has been greatly expanded AND CHANGED due to the book.

I too have overcome an injury, as I was hurt in High School and I know how difficult it is to work through these life changing events. My family has also shared some of the humble beginnings and I can completely relate how it molds one’s character, for good or bad.

My respect for the sacrifices that Sgt Hack did for our country, for his family and for himself grew as I read the book. We all need to know the back story behind the man. I greatly respect him (now that I know the backstory) for not allowing life’s experiences to push him to (Star War’s cliche NOT intended) the dark side of life.

I also (now that I know) greatly respect him for volunteering to put himself into the same “harm’s way” that he was recruiting young men into. That is the mark of a man of integrity, so much of which is lacking in today’s so-called leaders. (read the book to find out how…)

I suggest everyone read the book and understand how Sgt Hack’s life mirrors so many of our returning veterans. Wounded, physically and spiritually, but still maintaining the perseverance to continue to forge ahead. He can set a shining example for others on how to overcome their own issues !!!!

From a pure literary perspective, the book was short and to the point. The information was presented in a way that I read through the book completely (granted it is not very long, which is the only shortcoming). I feel Sgt Hack’s story could be expanded a bit without hurting the intention behind the book.

How cool is it, that the act of buying a jacket can loop a person (me, after all this time from first hearing the name Sgt Hack) back into the sphere of influence of another (Sgt Hack) so that I could have the opportunity to know the real story………

Best Regards to Sgt Hack,
Dave Cook
Norton, Ohio


People are talking about Sgt. Hack’s US Wings Bomber Jackets

What are people saying about Sgt. Hack’s US Wings Bomber Jackets?

These are recent reviews sent to us from very satisfied customers:

I love jackets, particularly the military types. The A2 Leather Bomber Jackets have always been my favourite, but has never made an effort to acquire one until recently. While browsing thro’ Youtube I stumbled across Craig Shipp’s video titled 5 Best Bomber Jackets. Two of them are Indiana made by Wested in the UK and A2-Bomber by US Wings. That’s when I got the name of your company. When I saw the price for A2 modern was reduced from $345 to $195 I immediately grabbed the opportunity. I ordered one, but haven’t received yet; hopefully it will turn up any day this week.

I love the Indy-style jacket too. The jackets look good on Harrison Ford. The style fits the environment in the movie very well. Actually I had one tailored made by a Pakistani maker recently. It is cheap and not bad quality for the price I pay. However it is not comfortable to wear. The sleeves are very tight and the lining along the sleeves are a bit prickly. Also the pockets are too small, I have a difficulty putting my hands in.

I didn’t realise that the first Indy Jacket was derived from Bomber jacket by Neil Cooper. I have been under the impression that they are all originally designed by Wested until I read your article. Seeing that US Wings makes their Indy jackets using Neil’s original pattern, I am very interested in it.

I will therefore try my luck in the monthly draw. I’ll keep my fingers cross! 
John Sudjana

First, it is the quality of all your products. They are of heirloom construction. Their will always be a family member hoping to acquire this jacket.
Personally I retired from law enforcement after 30 years and from the Mn Air Mational guard after 20 years. This jacket speaks to who I am and how I dress.
Nick Wasylyk

This review is for the B-17 A-2. Got this last year and had it painted with the 11th Bombardment Group (H) emblem in honor of my father who was co-founder of the group, a Pearl Harbir survivor and a POW from being shot down over Ploesti Romania. It’s a GREAT goatskin jacket. Substantial weight for cold weather layering yet light enough for COOL weather. I doubt it will ever wear out due to the quality of the leather and construction. It was my second A-2 from U S Wings, where I would ALWAYS purchase my jackets. FIVE STAR rating, great customer service and QUICK shipping. THANKS US WINGS!! 
Leonard Jenkins