The Rocketman and Sarge’s First Purple Heart

The Rocketman and Sgt. Hack, two survivors of the Vietnam War met recently  for the first time, forty-five years after unknowingly being part of a Viet Cong rocket attack.  Pvt. Tommy Mercer, the Rocketman, and the pointman for Company C, 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry received the Silver Star for his actions of capturing five of six 122 mm Russian-made rockets that were poised to fire on the Division’s Lai Khe base camp.The sixth rocket was launched, and Sgt. David Hack (CEO of US Wings) was injured in the explosion April 10, 1968 and received his first of two purple hearts.

Mr. Mercer found Sgt. Hack 45 years later upon reading the Vietnam Section of the US Wings website. He was startled to discover that Sgt. Hack was injured by the lone rocket that was fired.  Sgt. Hack, Tom Mercer and other members of Company C were reunited 45 years later at a reunion held in Nashville, TN for C Company’s 1st Battalion of the 18th Infantry. Speaking to the group, Sgt. Hack reflected upon the importance of serving our country in Vietnam, the importance of recognizing the contribution these men have made to our society, and the importance of being a survivor.



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