Why does everyone love US Wings Jackets?


Why does everyone love US Wings Jackets?  They have the largest selection of Flight Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Indy style jackets available in the most different types of leather of anyone in the world!  US Wings is the premier supplier of Flight jackets, Indy jackets, and military apparel located in Hudson Ohio.  US Wings combines top quality unique leathers with authentic military and civilian patterns to produce the best leather jackets.  US Wings has been in business since 1986 founded by SFC David D. Hack, USA (Ret).  Forerunners in marketing, US Wings pioneered selling on the web and was the first Master Card International business in Ohio to take credit cards via the internet.  US Wings Signature Series™  are made in the USA.  The factory is staffed with the finest craftspeople who skillfully hand-cut, hand-sew, and hand-inspect each jacket.  They take enormous pride in creating the finest American-made garments.

Customer Service, Quality and Value are the reason consumers purchase from US Wings.  Founded in 1986 by SFC David D. Hack, USA (Ret), US Wings prides itself of going the extra mile for the consumer. Consumers around the world applaud the Customer Service, quality and value that US Wings provides and we have listed recent testimonials from our valued customers:

This is a bit late to the party. However last year I had requested an A2 from your site as a Christmas present from my family. As I can be attentive to details, I gave very specific instructions, as to type, style, color, size. They were very patient and helpful and I have been enjoying the jacket for most of this year. Obviously, given that the original was deemed a “Summer flight jacket” it is difficult to wear in freezing temperatures it has more than surpassed my expectations. Prior to this purchase I had dome my homework and was most impressed, both with your site as well as a lot of the knowledge that one can get from it, like leather types, leather repair, leather maintenance and storage. Thank you for a great jacket and site.

Federico B.

Dear Amber,

The jacket arrived today and it is perfect!  I’m so glad you mentioned the one with the map lining.  We can show our grandson where his granddad was during his military service.  Again, thanks so much for all your help.


Charlotte M.

I received my flight jacket a couple of weeks ago with all of its patches.  Your people did a splendid job.  The stitching was so straight and precise on every patch.  Wow!  I wear the jacket every day with pride in the workmanship.  Thank you,

Semper Fidelis,
David E. F.

David F.

Hello Amber:

I  just received my A-2 jacket and very much like it. The quality is first rate, i.e. the stitching, zippers, color, look and suppleness of the distressed leather.
I also have a very expensive black leather designer jacket. Kind of a refined motorcycle style and you’re A-2 is of equal quality which I think is saying a lot.
So thanks for being so responsive to my initial inquiry; I will be a repeat customer.
best rgds,
William M.

William M.

Who won the 2015 Best leather Jacket Award?  US Wings!   Best Leather.org reviews leather products from all over the world.  On December 17th, 2015, Best Leather.org announced  the winner for  the Best Leather Jacket Award, the US Wings Signature Series™ Vintage Cowhide Indy-style Jacket


US Wings Clearance Sale:
Hurry! Items Limited To Stock-On-Hand! 

The US Wings Retail Store & Factory Outlet is known the world over for value, especially during our Clearance Sale. You’ll find great savings on first quality items that we no longer stock or items that have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We are continuously adding more items to our Clearance Sale and discounting the prices, so check back often to see what we’ve added. You’ll find a wide variety of jackets, t-shirts, caps, hoodies, gloves, aloha shirts, accessories and more. Most of these items are priced below cost, so don’t miss this opportunity. Stock up now on gifts for friends and family and save money! Once these items are gone, they are gone for good!

Where can you find a USA-made MA-1 Flight Jacket?

US Made USAF MA-1 Flight Jacket

Where can you find a USA-made MA-1 Flight Jacket?  At US Wings!   We’ve gotten many requests from customers for an American-made MA-1 and we’re now proud to offer a genuine USA-made MA-1 Flight Jacket from an actual US government contractor. MA-1 Jackets were first issued around 1949 to United States Air Force and Navy Pilots and flight crews.  As jets were replacing piston powered aircraft, the cockpits were smaller and cramped.  Quick unimpeded access to and exit from became critical for the safety of the pilots.  The Ma-1 Jackets were designed to fill this need.  As conceived by the United States Air Force, Ma-1 Jackets were designated to serve as an intermediate weight flight jacket for use all year.  Manufactured from very high quality nylon fabrics and polyester interlinings, the pilot could  be comfortable in warm weather and afforded ample protection against the cold encountered in flight.  Originally produced in midnight blue and sage green, green became the issued jacket. Later versions have Orange linings to serve as beacon flags in the event of crashes.

US Wings 100% pure Silk Scarf

The US Wings 100% pure silk scarf recalls the bygone glory days of open cockpit barnstormers and remains popular with today’s fashion-conscious individuals. Nothing quite captures the daredevil spirit of the aviator like a silk scarf worn with a leather flight jacket; it also looks equally great with a peacoat, field jacket, or your favorite winter garment. Ours are handmade in the same tradition as their WWII counterparts. They measure 6 ft. long and 14 in. wide and are more substantial than the thinner knock-offs sold by others.

The Silk Scarf  was worn by many pilots serving our country.  An authentic classic aviation wardrobe staple and looks great with any leather bomber jacket, motorcycle jacket, peacoat or field jacket. Its generous size (12″ wide and six ft long) will keep you warm and protected from the wind on those chilly Fall and Winter days. A Silk Scarf was worn by Pilots of open cockpit aircraft in order to keep oily smoke from the exhaust out of their mouths while flying. US Army Air Force and Navy pilots of closed cockpit aircraft wore the Silk Scarf to  prevent neck chafing primarily due to constantly turning their heads from side to side watching for enemy aircraft. Today, modern military flight crews wear scarfs imprinted with unit insignia and emblems not for functional reasons but instead for esprit-de-corps and heritage.

Who has the largest selection of Indy-style Jackets?


The Indy-style  jacket is known far & wide and is also an integral & significant part of a certain fedora-wearing, bullwhip-toting, tomb-raiding professor of archaeology. Whether dashing through the jungle or racing across the desert, the jacket protected this silver-screen icon from all the elements. US Wings offers the largest selection of these popular jackets in a variety of different leathers, including our Legend version (which is based on the specs of an original movie jacket) and an authentic kid-sized version. Regardless of which version you choose, our Indy-style jackets are not mere “fashion” jackets but are tough & rugged enough to stand-up to your real-life adventurers!

The Indy-style jacket was an integral and significant part of the makeup of the INDIANA JONES character.  Neil Cooper originally conceived the first pattern for the INDIANA JONES movies by combining features of the Air Force A2 and the Navy G1.  Eliminating the cuffs and waist band from the A2 and then adding the Bi-Swing back, small side gaps & side adjustment straps with rectangular sliders, the RAIDERS jacket was born. There have been multiple jacket manufacturers who have contributed to the four INDIANA JONES movies but it has been verified that the pedigree originated with Neil Cooper and He in fact supplied 8 jackets for the TEMPLE OF DOOM.  There are subtle changes to each jacket as the series evolved and the US WINGS 30th Anniversary LEGEND jacket is based upon the specs of one of the original movie jackets from three decades ago.  Whether produced in Featherweight Antique Lambskin, Texas SteerhIde  or Kangaroo, these aren’t mere “Fashion” jackets and are tough and rugged enough to stand-up to your real-life adventures.

US Wings has introduced a new Kangaroo Leather Indy style jacket that Indiana Jones aficionados have proclaimed the Indy jacket: “THE Indy jacket came last week! The jacket is from the US Wings Legend line inspired by the jacket Harrison Ford wore in the first Indy movie RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. The jacket is manufactured here in the US and is now available in Kangaroo leather and if Indiana Jones had been a real person, and he’d had access to THIS leather…THIS is the jacket he’d have gotten.  This is the jacket Indiana Jones would want to wear. It is nothing short of amazing!  The color is perfect, the leather is just as dense and tough as iron, everything about it screams Indy!  The thickness on the leather is astounding, I can’t believe how strong it feels as compared to its thinness!  And I can tell that it is going to relax and drape just beautifully!!! After one week this jacket has already started to soften up.  I am continually amazed.  It is forming to my body far faster than I thought.  Here are some pictures  below that show the jacket brand new, out of the box, and one week later.  It is simply amazing.

Where can you find American-Made Bison Leather jackets?

American Bison A-2

US Wings  American-made Bison Leather Jackets are made from premium Wisconsin farm-raised bison and the uniqueness of the bison leather is what sets these jackets apart from other leather jackets. Bison leather is as rugged and durable as cowhide but has the suppleness of lambskin. The dark brown finish, appropriate for both casual and more dressier wear, features beautiful pebble-type graining. They’re the perfect amalgam of classic “bomber jacket” styling, uniqueness of material, comfort, durability and outstanding American craftsmanship. So if you’ve always wanted an American-made Bison leather jacket that’s constructed from a truly distinctive leather, our American-made Bison Leather Jackets are it! They’re built like a tank and made to last a lifetime!

Bison Leather Jackets are set apart from all leather jackets.  The leather is slightly heavier than cowhide but has the softness & suppleness of lambskin.  The hand-aging process in Bison Leather Jackets really brings out the varied grain & subtle color variations. Bison Leather Jackets have a rugged and authentic antique appearance.  After a bit of daily wear, Bison Leather Jackets will soon resemble a 50 year old garment. Its outstanding combination of comfort, durability, uniqueness and American craftsmanship are available from US Wings in both an A-2 and Indy style jacket.

A-2 Bison Leather Jackets feature snap-down front pockets with side hand warmers, one piece back, snap-down collar, and interior pocket, satin nylon lining, antiqued brass zipper, knit cuffs and waistband. Made from Wisconsin farm raised bison leather, it is built like a Battleship, made to last a lifetime.

American Bison Leather Jacket Modern A-2 features:

  • Wisconsin farm raised bison leather
  • Pebble-type graining
  • Two front snap-flap cargo pockets with side-entry hand-warmers
  • One piece back
  • Snap-down collar
  • Interior pocket
  • Brown satin nylon lining
  • Antique brass zipper
  • Knit cuffs & waistband
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Fit: Normal

The Indy Legend Bison Leather Jacket is patterned from the exact pattern used by Neil Cooper, who made the first Indy-style jacket for the first Indiana Jones movie.  This jacket is recreated in American bison leather.  Featuring two front cargo pockets with original-style pocket flaps and side -entry hand warmer pockets, it has a pleated action back with correctly-sized side gaps and small yoke on the back panel.  It has original-length side adjustment straps with rectangular sliders,  an interior pocket with satin lining, and brass zipper.

American Bison Legend Jacket features:

  • 100% Bison leather
  • Two front cargo pockets with original-style pocket flaps
  • Side-entry hand warmer pockets
  • Pleated action back for freedom of movement with correctly-sized small side gaps
  • Side adjustment straps with brass buckles
  • An interior pocket
  • Brown satin nylon lining
  • Brass zipper
  • Color: Brown
  • Fit: Trim (Shorter overall length and a trimmer, more tailored fit in the body & sleeves)

Naval Aviators are often considered to be the finest of military flyers. Their G-1 flight jackets have always identified them as members of an elite group. Now you have the opportunity to own one of these authentic G-1s through US Wings! We believe our US Wings-labeled Signature Series™ G-1s are the finest G-1s available… and we think you’ll agree! US Wings, Inc. is an authorized US Military vendor.

The Antique American Bison G-1 Jacket features:

  • 100% Antique Bison leather
  • Two front button-flapped cargo pockets with hidden pen/pencil slot under the left pocket flap
  • Mouton fur collar
  • Pleated action back for freedom of movement
  • Snap-closed interior map pocket
  • Inside wind flap with “USN” perforation
  • Nylon brown lining
  • Heavy duty brass zipper
  • Knit cuffs & waistband
  • Color: Antique Brown
  • Fit: Military (We recommend to order a size larger if you have broad shoulders or on the higher end of a size)

The US Wings Signature Series Goatskin A-2 2000 is back


After a 5-year hiatus, our US Wings Signature Series A-2 2000 is once again being made in the USA! The Goatskin A-2 2000 is our most popular jacket (not just our most popular A-2, but our most popular jacket overall).

It’s made from the finest mil-spec goatskin available and features two front cargo pockets with side-entry handwarmers, an interior pocket, a snap-down collar, and underarm gussets for freedom of movement (and the extra room under the arms makes this jacket CCW compatible). Pick up one of these jackets and you’ll understand the pride of wearing a handcrafted garment made in America, and its timeless good looks will ensure that it never goes out of style!

The A2 Leather Flight Jacket, sometimes referred to as the A2 Bomber Jacket was adopted by the Army Air Corps as standard issue in 1931.  The A2 Leather Flight jacket was made famous by the U.S. Army Air Corp airmen of World War II.   The first A2’s were made of Horsehide, then Cowhide and then switched to Goatskin in 1943.  Fliers and crewmen adorned their jackets with squadron patches and often hand painted nose art replicating their aircraft. All  A2 Leather Flight jackets had several distinguishing characteristics: two  front snap patch pockets on either side without hand warmer compartments (hands in pockets were considered unfit for a military bearing), snap-down collar, shoulder straps, knit cuffs and waistband, a single piece of leather on the back to limit stress on the garment, and either lightweight silk or cotton inner lining. In 1943 the Army canceled any further leather jacket contracts in favor of newer cloth-shell jackets like the B-10 and B-15. The jackets continued to be popular with Aircrew members for the balance of the war continuing into the Korean War.

All contracts from 1988 to 1998 were awarded to Neil Cooper USA, now U.S. Wings of Ohio.  According to FLIGHT JACKETS – HELL BENT FOR LEATHER, authored by Derek Nelson and Dave Parsons, the Air Force opted for goatskin instead of the original horsehide because it is very strong but not stiff.  Cooper found that at 3.5 skins per jacket, there weren’t enough American goats available to make 53,000 jackets.  They had to import goat skins from Nigeria, Tasmania and Pakistan.

In 1996 Neil Cooper USA was awarded a contract from the Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia (DSCP), to redesign the A2 Leather Flight Jacket to be more functional and to improve the fit. Side entry pockets were added to the patch pockets and inside wallet pockets were added. The fit was enlarged by adding extra pieces under the arms and on the sides and eliminating the neck clasp.

The modern Air Force Goatskin A-2 is authorized for wear by Air Force aircrews and space operations personnel who have completed their mission qualifications.

How to pass down that old leather jacket!


How to pass down that old leather jacket!

The beauty of a leather jacket is that it gains more character as it ages. The leather has a story to tell, whether it’s the owner’s military service or the adventures he’s experienced on his journey through life. It’s a time-honored tradition to pass down a trusty old leather jacket to the next generation; and these old leather jackets are much desired since the history and character these jackets possess cannot be duplicated by any “new” leather jacket.

Unfortunately, while the jacket’s leather is often in satisfactory condition, the other non-leather components are often broken, tattered or have deteriorated beyond repair. Fortunately, US Wings’ Professional Leather Jacket Repair Services can make it possible to pass down that worn-out special jacket by replacing the zippers, linings, cuffs & waistbands; we can even replace G-1 collars and perform minor leather repairs.

Our leather jacket repair technicians have the skill & experience to repair all types of leather jackets (including bomber jackets, motorcycle jackets, and Indy jackets), and we repair all makes of leather jackets, not just our own. In fact, US Wings has been sought out by families across the United States to repair their treasured leather jackets. Established in 1986, US Wings is a veteran-owned business and is an authorized repair facility for both the US Military and the general public.

US Wings has been sought out by families across the United States to repair their treasured family heirlooms.  We can repair Historic Leather Jackets with a new zipper, lining, cuff & waistband and more.  Many different manufactured brands of Historic Leather Jackets have been repaired and brought happiness to those relatives honoring the memory of their loved one.

Established in 1986, US Wings is a veteran-owned business and is an authorized repair facility for both the US Military and the general public.

Our turnaround time for repairs is 3-4 weeks and 4-5 weeks for linings.

Professional Leather Jacket Repair Service Options:

  • Cuff Replacement – $60: Colors: Dark Brown, Medium Brown, & Black
  • Waistband Replacement – $60: Colors: Dark Brown, Medium Brown, & Black
  • Zipper Replacement – $60: Colors: Dark Brown & Black; Style: A-2 & G-1
  • G-1 Collar Replacement – $90: Color: Dark Brown
  • Lining Replacement – $90: Standard Brown/Black Lining (Note: if your jacket does not have an existing lining, there will be an additional $50 charge for adding a jacket lining)
  • Escape Map Lining Replacement – $110: Colors: Egg Shell (as seen in Avirex jackets) and Gold
  • No Lining Charge – $50 (Charged if your jacket DOES NOT have a lining)
  • Patches – $10 per patch: Please take a photo/draw a diagram of where you would like them sewn.
  • Centennial/Navy Flyer’s Creed – $69.95 (Note: Only adding this item to existing lining. If you need the lining replaced, also select Lining Replacement. Banner: approx. 17.75″ x 13″)
  • Shorten Sleeves – $70.00 (Final Sale – Please indicate, with white chalk, the desired length to be shortened.)
*Any special requests may result in additional cost. Please contact our Customer Service at (800)650-0659 for questions.

Please download our Leather Flight Jacket Repair form and send it in with your order.
Click Here to Download

Who has the world’s largest inventory of Bomber Jackets?


Who has the world’s largest inventory of Bomber jackets and military apparel?  US Wings!  From A-2’s, G-1’s. B-3’s. nylon Flight jackets, Field jackets and Pea Coats, US Wings has the jacket or coat for you.

Leather Selection is the first step in purchasing your Bomber jacket.  What type of leather do you prefer?  Did you know some leathers are known for their strength and toughness, while others are known for their softness?  US Wings of Hudson Ohio offers leather  flight jackets and bomber jackets in a wide variety of leather types including some exotics.  All are Grade A, the finest available.  US Wings offer you Leather Selection choices  from Kangaroo, American Bison, Horsehide, Goatskin, Lambskin, Cowhide, Vintage Cowhide, Texas Steerhide and Sheepskin.  Strength, durability, softness, lightness, casual, dressy, two season, three season are considerations to make in Leather Selection.  Modern day leather is generally shaved to obtain a smooth finish.  In doing so, the characteristics which distinguish unique leather is eliminated.  The naturalness of leather is enhanced by range marks which gives it the old European look.  As leather ages, the range marks bring out its character and give it a suppleness and richness.

US Army Air Force A2 flight jackets were originally made of horsehide, a very heavy and extremely durable material.  In 1943 The military switched to goatskin, much lighter weight but very tough.  Kangaroo and Lambskin are very light weight.  Kangaroo is extremely strong and the softer nature of Lambskin tends to scratch easily. American Bison like horsehide is heavier, with much character in its grain. The look, the use, the season, the weight and the color are factors you should consider in making your Leather Selection.

Military Field Jackets were based upon a civilian jacket suggested by Maj. General James K. Parsons.  The Military Field Jackets were designed so that they could be worn with both winter and summer uniforms as well as fatigue uniforms.  The olive drab cotton field jacket known as the OD Jacket  was adopted in June 1940.  At the beginning of WWII this was the standard jacket for all Army personnel, except those that had specialist clothing or extreme climatic conditions.

The Military parka N-3B and the N2B shorter military flight jacket can protect you from the harshest of winter conditions.  The Military parka N-3B is a 3.4 length parka (often referred to as a “snorkel” parka)and the N-2B is a waist-length  style flight jacket.  Both are designed to withstand sub-freezing weather & feature a water repellent 100% nylon shell, polyester interlining, polyfil insulation, and a pile-lined hood with faux fur trim.   Both jackets were first introduced to the USAF during the 1950’s.  Unlike the cold weather jackets of WWII (like the sheepskin B3’s) which relied on heavyweight leather & fur to provide warmth, these “jet age” nylon jackets provided warmth at a fraction of the weight and bulk.  Both the Military parka  N-3B and the N-2B flight jacket are the best kind of jackets for the worst kind weather.  Although primarily issued to Air Force personnel stationed in cold weather duty stations, the Military parka has been a favorite of college students since the 1960’s.  The Military parka is issued in sage green, but the civilian versions are available in sage green and black.

The coat of choice of the U.S. Navy for centuries, the Pea Coat is the heavy topcoat worn in cold, miserable weather. The name isn’t derived from the “Pea Soup weather” but rather from the heavy coarse twilled blue cloth it was originally created from.  The cloth was sometimes called P cloth and the garment evolved from being called a P-Jacket to later a Pea Coat.  Pea Coats have broad lapels, double breasted fronts with large buttons of either wooden, metal, or plastic buttons and slash pockets.  The standard for original Pea coats was 30 ounces, most often made of heavy Melton cloth, but today coats are made from 22 to 32 ounces.  Known for it warmth in severe weather, the Pea Coat has been worn not only by the military, but has been a staple of students wardrobes at high school and college campuses around the world.

Traditional US Navy  issue Pea Coats are dark blue, but many colors are offered by retailers.  Known not only for their warmth but for their durability, US Navy Pea Coats have been passed down through generations.

Come to US Wings.com for your widest selection!


What is the most popular flight jacket since the A-2?


What is the most popular flight jacket since the A-2?

The CWU-45P is perhaps the most popular flight jacket since the WWII A-2 jacket and it’s more stylish, practical & versatile than the USAF MA-1 flight jacket that preceded it. In addition to the USAF, this jacket is also worn by the USN, USMC and the USCG.  US Wings is proud to offer an affordable USA made CWU-45P to our customers, made by an actual US Military contractor so you know it’s authentic. It’s affordable because, unlike the military-issue version, this CWU isn’t made from costly Nomex but is made from military grade flight satin nylon instead. It’s identical in every way to its military counterpart, it just lacks the flame-retardant properties of the Nomex version.

Our USA made CWU-45P features a water repellant flight satin nylon outer shell, two fully-lined front cargo pockets with velcro-closure flaps, a quilted nylon lining with polyfil insulation for warmth, a heavy-duty zipper over a storm flap, and a velcro chest plaque for attaching a military nameplate. Our supply of this outstanding jacket is limited, so get ’em while you can! Colors: sage green or black. Made in the USA.  Click here to find more Nylon Flight Jackets.

What do our Military Leader say about The Life of a Warrior?

What do our Military Leaders say about The Life of a Warrior?    THE LIFE OF A WARRIORtells the story of a Vietnam Veteran’s Journey from humble beginnings in Sunfish, Kentucky to the role he now plays as Chief Executive Officer of US Wings.  Now in its 10th printing, The Life of a Warrior has been given free to over 100,000 people. Written with the intent of helping people, especially veterans who have many issues to overcome, The Life of a Warrior has helped many.
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently thanked Sgt. Hack:
Reviews of this book which is based upon the life of SFC David D. Hack are coming in from around the world.  Over 100,000 copies of this book, now in its 9th printing have been given free.  This book is Sgt. Hack’s attempt to give back to his fellow veterans and help those who still have adversities in their lives.  Read some of most recent reviews:
Couldn’t put it down. Grew up an Army brat and many times I saw my Dad in the pages of this book. Sgt. Hack is a true man of character, loyalty and honor.

P.S. Loved the Hack mobile!

Eugene Fairchild

I found “the life of a warrior” to be inspiring. I was touched by the can do attitude Sgt. Hack has had in all his pursuits. His ability to see thru the ordinary and give it his own personal flair has served him well. From his time as a recruiter to business owner and everything in between Sgt. Hack has given it his all and made it his own. Sgt. Hack’s life should be an inspiration to us all. The life of a warrior reflects a life well lived.

James Fairchild



I really enjoyed your book ” The Life of a Warrior”. It documented your early life which provided your exceptional life experiences that gave you the strength to work through and survive the life of a warrior, and continue to survive today at what this life throws at us. I to am a Vietnam vet during “68 and 69” and believe the ups and downs during that period changed my life forever and am proud to have served.

Rich Greene



Write your review of The Life of a Warrior and win a chance for a FREE A-2 Flight Jacket from US Wings.    Please include your impression, feelings and personal anecdotes.  Explain how the book may have affected or inspired you.  Your review will place you into a drawing for a FREE Leather Modern A-2 Flight Jacket.  One jacket will be given away the 15th of every Month until Christmas.  One jacket per customer and one entry per customer.  No purchase necessary.
You can read the book online for free by downloading the book in PDF format.

Why do we want your reviews?  Saylors  Brothers Entertainment is creating a feature film based on

“The Life of a Warrior” book and your reviews will be part of the film.  The Saylors Brothers also produced The Ballad of Sgt, Hack music video.  You want to be part of a Hollywood movie?  Here’s your chance, send us your review!