Where can you find a USA-made MA-1 Flight Jacket?

US Made USAF MA-1 Flight Jacket

Where can you find a USA-made MA-1 Flight Jacket?  At US Wings!   We’ve gotten many requests from customers for an American-made MA-1 and we’re now proud to offer a genuine USA-made MA-1 Flight Jacket from an actual US government contractor. MA-1 Jackets were first issued around 1949 to United States Air Force and Navy Pilots and flight crews.  As jets were replacing piston powered aircraft, the cockpits were smaller and cramped.  Quick unimpeded access to and exit from became critical for the safety of the pilots.  The Ma-1 Jackets were designed to fill this need.  As conceived by the United States Air Force, Ma-1 Jackets were designated to serve as an intermediate weight flight jacket for use all year.  Manufactured from very high quality nylon fabrics and polyester interlinings, the pilot could  be comfortable in warm weather and afforded ample protection against the cold encountered in flight.  Originally produced in midnight blue and sage green, green became the issued jacket. Later versions have Orange linings to serve as beacon flags in the event of crashes.