What do our Military Leader say about The Life of a Warrior?

What do our Military Leaders say about The Life of a Warrior?    THE LIFE OF A WARRIORtells the story of a Vietnam Veteran’s Journey from humble beginnings in Sunfish, Kentucky to the role he now plays as Chief Executive Officer of US Wings.  Now in its 10th printing, The Life of a Warrior has been given free to over 100,000 people. Written with the intent of helping people, especially veterans who have many issues to overcome, The Life of a Warrior has helped many.
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently thanked Sgt. Hack:
Reviews of this book which is based upon the life of SFC David D. Hack are coming in from around the world.  Over 100,000 copies of this book, now in its 9th printing have been given free.  This book is Sgt. Hack’s attempt to give back to his fellow veterans and help those who still have adversities in their lives.  Read some of most recent reviews:
Couldn’t put it down. Grew up an Army brat and many times I saw my Dad in the pages of this book. Sgt. Hack is a true man of character, loyalty and honor.

P.S. Loved the Hack mobile!

Eugene Fairchild

I found “the life of a warrior” to be inspiring. I was touched by the can do attitude Sgt. Hack has had in all his pursuits. His ability to see thru the ordinary and give it his own personal flair has served him well. From his time as a recruiter to business owner and everything in between Sgt. Hack has given it his all and made it his own. Sgt. Hack’s life should be an inspiration to us all. The life of a warrior reflects a life well lived.

James Fairchild



I really enjoyed your book ” The Life of a Warrior”. It documented your early life which provided your exceptional life experiences that gave you the strength to work through and survive the life of a warrior, and continue to survive today at what this life throws at us. I to am a Vietnam vet during “68 and 69” and believe the ups and downs during that period changed my life forever and am proud to have served.

Rich Greene



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