What is the Strongest and Lightest Leather?


What is the Strongest and Lightest Leather? Kangaroo!

US Wings has Kangaroo leather available in a A-2 Flight jacket and in the Indy Style Legend jacket.  Kangaroo Leather is the leather of choice for those who want the Strongest and Lightest leather for their Flight Jacket or Indy jacket.   Kangaroo Leather is used for the best soccer balls, premium athletic shoes and motorcycle racing leathers. Studies conducted by the Australian Commonwealth SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ORGANIZATION, confirm that Kangaroo  Leather is lighter & stronger than cowhide or goatskin.  A Kangaroo Leather  A-2  Flight jacket or Indy  jacket will provide years and years of us. Here are some samples of Kangaroo:

The premier supplier of this leather is PACKER LEATHER of Queensland Australia.  Since 1891, PACKER LEATHER is internationally recognized as the leading supplier  for world cup soccer balls, premium athletic shoes and premium A-2  Flight jackets and Indy  jackets produced by US Wings.  Five generations of the Packer family have been associated with the Australian Leather Industry. Today Packer Leather is recognized globally, and holds preferred supplier status with many major brand names.  A Kangaroo leather jacket is a jacket that can be passed down through generations, providing warmth, strength and durability.  The Australian Kangaroo  industry operates under strict government controlled Management plans providing meat & leather products, and the industry is said to be more environmentally friendly than sheep or cattle using much less water.