Where can you find a USA-made MA-1 Flight Jacket?

US Made USAF MA-1 Flight Jacket

Where can you find a USA-made MA-1 Flight Jacket?  At US Wings!   We’ve gotten many requests from customers for an American-made MA-1 and we’re now proud to offer a genuine USA-made MA-1 Flight Jacket from an actual US government contractor. MA-1 Jackets were first issued around 1949 to United States Air Force and Navy Pilots and flight crews.  As jets were replacing piston powered aircraft, the cockpits were smaller and cramped.  Quick unimpeded access to and exit from became critical for the safety of the pilots.  The Ma-1 Jackets were designed to fill this need.  As conceived by the United States Air Force, Ma-1 Jackets were designated to serve as an intermediate weight flight jacket for use all year.  Manufactured from very high quality nylon fabrics and polyester interlinings, the pilot could  be comfortable in warm weather and afforded ample protection against the cold encountered in flight.  Originally produced in midnight blue and sage green, green became the issued jacket. Later versions have Orange linings to serve as beacon flags in the event of crashes.

Extreme Cold Weather Jackets at US Wings


Extreme Cold Weather Jackets are available at US Wings.  Besides the huge selection of leather Flight Jackets, US Wings has a wide assortment of jackets to keep you warm in the coldest winter.  The Military parka N-3B and the N2B shorter military flight jacket can protect you from the harshest of winter conditions.  The Military parka N-3B is a 3.4 length parka (often referred to as a “snorkel” parka)and the N-2B is a waist-length  style flight jacket.  Both are designed to withstand sub-freezing weather & feature a water repellent 100% nylon shell, polyester interlining, polyfil insulation, and a pile-lined hood with faux fur trim.   Both jackets were first introduced to the USAF during the 1950’s.  Unlike the cold weather jackets of WWII (like the sheepskin B3’s) which relied on heavyweight leather & fur to provide warmth, these “jet age” nylon jackets provided warmth at a fraction of the weight and bulk.  Both the Military parka  N-3B and the N-2B flight jacket are the best kind of jackets for the worst kind weather.  Although primarily issued to Air Force personnel stationed in cold weather duty stations, the Military parka has been a favorite of college students since the 1960’s.  The Military parka is issued in sage green, but the civilian versions are available in sage green and black.

The Shipboard Jacket is a jacket issued to Navy crewmen.  The current, genuine government-issue USN Nomex, Shipboard Jacket was designed after the attack on the USS Cole in 2000.  It was designed to be a flame resistant and versatile jacket that stayed on the ship and was thus named the Shipboard Jacket.  In June 2014 it became a standard issued jacket but retained the name Shipboard Jacket.  This jacket  for civilian use is highly recommended to be kept, when not worn, in the trunk of your car for emergencies.  US Wings is a authorized US Military vendor and this jacket can be purchased for civilian or military use.  Made in the USA to US Military Purchase Description NCTRF PD 4-99C.  It is a fully lined jacket with two front inverted welt pockets with zippers.  It has two inside front patch pockets and a front zipper closure with wind-flap.  It has raglan sleeves with a recessed knit cuff and knitted waistband.  The Shipboard Jacket has a stand up collar with hanger loop and is produced in Navy Blue.  The Navy has issued this Nomex jacket as a fire resistant, cold weather,windproof alternative to the deck jacket.

What is the most popular flight jacket since the A-2?


What is the most popular flight jacket since the A-2?

The CWU-45P is perhaps the most popular flight jacket since the WWII A-2 jacket and it’s more stylish, practical & versatile than the USAF MA-1 flight jacket that preceded it. In addition to the USAF, this jacket is also worn by the USN, USMC and the USCG.  US Wings is proud to offer an affordable USA made CWU-45P to our customers, made by an actual US Military contractor so you know it’s authentic. It’s affordable because, unlike the military-issue version, this CWU isn’t made from costly Nomex but is made from military grade flight satin nylon instead. It’s identical in every way to its military counterpart, it just lacks the flame-retardant properties of the Nomex version.

Our USA made CWU-45P features a water repellant flight satin nylon outer shell, two fully-lined front cargo pockets with velcro-closure flaps, a quilted nylon lining with polyfil insulation for warmth, a heavy-duty zipper over a storm flap, and a velcro chest plaque for attaching a military nameplate. Our supply of this outstanding jacket is limited, so get ’em while you can! Colors: sage green or black. Made in the USA.  Click here to find more Nylon Flight Jackets.

What kind of Flight Jackets does Sgt. Hack’s US Wings Have?

US Wings Flight jackets are known worldwide for their excellent quality and value.  US Wings Flight jackets are available in the finest leathers: Kangaroo, Bison, Horsehide, , Goatskin and Lambskin. US Wings Flight jackets are manufactured in several styles, most well known as the A2 or the G1. The A2 Leather Flight Jacket, sometimes referred to as the A2 Bomber Jacket was adopted by the Army Air Corps as standard issue in 1931.  The A2 Leather Flight jacket was made famous by the U.S. Army Air Corp airmen of World War II.  

The first A2’s were made of Horsehide, then Cowhide and then switched to Goatskin in 1943.  Fliers and crewmen adorned their jackets with squadron patches and often hand painted nose art replicating their aircraft. All  A2 Leather Flight jackets had several distinguishing characteristics: two  front snap patch pockets on either side without hand warmer compartments (hands in pockets were considered unfit for a military bearing), snap-down collar, shoulder straps, knit cuffs and waistband, a single piece of leather on the back to limit stress on the garment, and either lightweight silk or cotton inner lining. In 1943 the Army canceled any further leather jacket contracts in favor of newer cloth-shell jackets like the B-10 and B-15. The jackets continued to be popular with Aircrew members for the balance of the war continuing into the Korean War.  All contracts from 1988 to 1998 were awarded to Neil Cooper USA, now U.S. Wings of Ohio.  

According to FLIGHT JACKETS – HELL BENT FOR LEATHER, authored by Derek Nelson and Dave Parsons, the Air Force opted for goatskin instead of the original horsehide because it is very strong but not stiff.  Cooper found that at 3.5 skins per jacket, there weren’t enough American goats available to make 53,000 jackets.  They had to import goat skins from Nigeria, Tasmania and Pakistan.  In 1996 Neil Cooper USA was awarded a contract from the Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia (DSCP), to redesign the A2 Leather Flight Jacket to be more functional and to improve the fit. Side entry pockets were added to the patch pockets and inside wallet pockets were added. The fit was enlarged by adding extra pieces under the arms and on the sides and eliminating the neck clasp.

The G1 Military Flight Jacket was originally called the M-422A and introduced by the U.S. Navy in the 1930’s.  In 1943, this jacket was named by the Navy and the Army Air Forces as the ANJ-3.  It officially became the G1 in 1947. The G1 as compared to the A2 leather flight jacket has a fur lined collar, Bi-Swing back & button down flap pockets on the front. Early jackets were constructed of Goatskin and had a real Mouton collar, subsequently some model issue jackets were constructed of cowhide and have synthetic collars. The G1 is issued to new U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine and U.S. Coast Guard flight crew personnel and remains a current-issue item in Naval Aviation for Officers and Enlisted aviation personnel on flying status.  In 2011, US Wings, developed a WINGS OF GOLD G1 leather military flight jacket to honor the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of Naval Aviation.

The Centennial of Naval Aviation WINGS OF GOLD G1 featured an embroidered Navy WINGS OF GOLD and the NAVAL FLYERS CREED honoring all Navy Flyers.  

CEO David Hack presented the first WINGS OF GOLD silk lining to Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.   Arguably, the G1 is best known as the leather flight jacket worn by Tom Cruise in the film TOP GUN.
If you’d like to read more, the link is here. Check out the full US Wings jacket collection here!