You Can Honor High School Seniors going into the Military

Honoring High School Seniors is the purpose of the  “Our Community Salutes”  program  which identifies  high school graduates enlisting in the Armed Forces. US Wings has been a proud sponsor for the annual “Our Community Salutes” program.  467 graduating seniors who enlisted in the Armed Forces of the United States were honored at Cleveland State University.  Included were students from eight northeast Ohio counties, 131 public, private, charter, home and on-line schools. Family, friends, teachers and public officials recognized their commitment to serving our country.

Pictured above are : Lt. General Robert Wagner, US Army (Ret), Co-Chairman of “Our Community Salutes”; Colonel Terence Trenchard, Commanding Officer 4th Marine Corps District and the principal guest speaker; Mr. William Willoughby, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army and Co-Chairman of “Our Community Salutes”; SFC David Hack, US Army (Ret), CEO of US Wings and Platinum Sponsor of “Our Community Salutes”.
This ceremony recognizes those students who have committed to entering the Armed Forces and are recognized by Military leaders, Community leaders, Business leaders and their families. Founded in 2009 in New Jersey by Dr. Kenneth Hartman, “Our Community Salutes” programs have been established in over 40 cities across America. Saluting High School Seniors who are enlisting in our Armed Forces helps recognize the contribution they will be making to our society.
Honoring those High School Seniors who have chosen to volunteer to serve our country is the first step in recognizing their desire to protecting our freedoms. You can get involved by participating in this wonderful program.

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