What is the most popular flight jacket since the A-2?


What is the most popular flight jacket since the A-2?

The CWU-45P is perhaps the most popular flight jacket since the WWII A-2 jacket and it’s more stylish, practical & versatile than the USAF MA-1 flight jacket that preceded it. In addition to the USAF, this jacket is also worn by the USN, USMC and the USCG.  US Wings is proud to offer an affordable USA made CWU-45P to our customers, made by an actual US Military contractor so you know it’s authentic. It’s affordable because, unlike the military-issue version, this CWU isn’t made from costly Nomex but is made from military grade flight satin nylon instead. It’s identical in every way to its military counterpart, it just lacks the flame-retardant properties of the Nomex version.

Our USA made CWU-45P features a water repellant flight satin nylon outer shell, two fully-lined front cargo pockets with velcro-closure flaps, a quilted nylon lining with polyfil insulation for warmth, a heavy-duty zipper over a storm flap, and a velcro chest plaque for attaching a military nameplate. Our supply of this outstanding jacket is limited, so get ’em while you can! Colors: sage green or black. Made in the USA.  Click here to find more Nylon Flight Jackets.

What are people saying about Sarge’s Indy Jackets?


Hundred’s of people are entering the Free Indy Jacket giveaway at US Wings.  Sgt Hack’s US Wings contest has received overwhelming reviews about what Indiana Jones and his jacket mean to them.

Here are some of them:

I recently purchased the US Wings Indy-Style jacket in Kangaroo hide. Bottom line up front: The quality of material and manufacture is outstanding, the customer service and shipping speed were exceptional. I look forward to many, many years (perhaps even multiple generations) of use out of my US Wings Kangaroo Indy-Style Jacket! Highly recommended!

On to the jacket- I can’t say enough about the cut and fit of this jacket! I consulted with US Wings customer service (who were extremely helpful), and based on their advice, ordered a large (I’m typically a size 40-42 jacket, depending on manufacturer). When I put the jacket on for the first time, I was stuck by how well it fit! The sleeves, shoulders and chest fell just where I like them- the collar does a slight “off the shoulder” look as seen in some of the Indy films, which I love. The stitching is top notch, and overall quality of the Indy style jacket can’t be beat. I have no doubt that this jacket in any of the available hides would be a winner!

The kangaroo skin itself is gorgeous. Mine arrived in a whiskey color that’s just stunning! It’s a very rich brown, with some depth to it. The leather is initially very stiff, but some handling seems to soften it up fairly quickly. I noticed that the leather will go stiff again in absence of handling. It’s a lightweight but very “dense” leather, that I suspect will be very tough and durable. It will certainly age well and look even better as I get it broken in. In my opinion, the kangaroo leather is well worth the cost.

In conclusion I could not be happier with my purchase! US Wings has outdone themselves!
Matthew 9/20/15

 The Indy Jacket makes me want to experience the thrill of going on a long hike in the woods, climbing a mountain range, taking a car across the roads of South America, India, China to live life to the fullest….
Jim 9/20/15

I’m actually watching Raiders of the Lost Ark right now while I’m writing this. I’m again reminded why I, and I would guess most people, love Indy-style jackets: it’s a reminder of lost times, of adventure, of history, and of excitement. What other item combines powerful nostalgia with religious imagery? What else mixes history with fiction, adventure with archaeology? Maybe a vintage Yankees cap? Or perhaps a pocket knife passed down from a grandfather? For my money, no other single item conjures up so many feelings as this jacket. It is, quite literally, like wearing a time machine. It is instant excitement and adventure. Whether you’re walking through a mall in Nebraska, or sitting in a cafe in Paris, this jacket makes you feel like a legend.
Justin  9/18/15

Few things can bring back the feeling of being a child again. As a child and still as an adult we all crave adventure. Indiana Jones was a passport to adventure. My fond memories of watching the Indiana Jones films with my father are some of my favorites. My father shared these films with me and now I have the pleasure of sharing them with the youngsters in my life. As we age we forget the feeling of excitement, of being sweeped up into amazing storys. But when I share films like “The Temple of Doom” with my kids, I get that feeling back. All 4 indy films hold a special place in my heart. I am also a bit of a history buff. Ww2 as a primary interest. The Indy-style leather jacket is an amazing design. The A2 jacket influence is clear. Such a rugged, timeless style. I from time to time look over the Internet looking at replica jackets. day dreaming of jacket ownership. I personally never have owned a indy jacket. But from all the vendors US Wings seems to be the real deal. Supplying jackets for The Temple of Doom. Everyone else just makes a copy. I have dicided that when
I do decide to treat myself to jacket, US wings is the only way to go. I have heard nothing but amazing things. And I love supporting an American business when possible. Thank you for your time and consideration.


You too can win a free US Wings Indy jacket!  Go to Indy Jacket Reviews to enter. If you’d like to read Sgt. Hack’s blog, go here. Check out the full US Wings collection here!

What are Sgt. Hack’s Bomber Jackets?

 What are Sgt. Hack’s Bomber Jackets?  Sgt. Hack is the CEO of US Wings, the premier manufacture of leather Flight Jackets, Bomber Jackets and Indy Style Jackets in the United States.

Bomber Jackets are very often mislabeled.  True Bomber Jackets are the jackets worn by flight crews in the B-17 and B-24 Aircraft.  The B-3 Jacket is the true Bomber Jacket.   As the planes were not pressured and had open windows for gun ports, flight crews in the B-17 and B-24 aircraft were exposed to sub-zero temperatures. The crews wore B-3 jackets and pants with sheep wool  linings to try to compensate for the cold.

Army-Air Force pilots wore the A-2 flight jacket. The U.S. Navy pilots wore the G-1 jacket.  The A-2 and G-1 Flight jackets are made of leather.  The military issue is Goatskin.  Many other different types of leather are used in the commercial market such as cowhide, bison, horsehide, lamb and kangaroo.



For more information click on US Wings. Check our Sgt. Hack’s new blog website here.