Can you find an E-Book of The Life of a Warrior ?


Can you find the an E-book of The Life of a Warrior?  YES!  The Life Of A Warrior has been digitally formatted and is now offered in the following e-book versions:

Kindle (Amazon)

Nook ( Barnes & Noble)

I Books ( I Tunes)

There is a nominal price of $1.99 to download the e-book, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Haven of Rest Ministries, a non-profit organization in Summit County OH that provides the homeless with food, clothing & shelter. US Wings is proud to assist those in need in our local area and are also pleased to know that The Life Of A Warrior’s positive message of triumph over adversity has helped & inspired countless people from around the world.

Sgt. Hack has received hundreds of comments from consumers all over the United States about The Life of a Warrior. The book was written as an inspiration to others to help people overcome  difficulties in their lives.

And another:
As a Vietnam Veteran, I believe SFC Hack’s book, “The Life of a Warrior”, is a must read for all Vietnam Veterans and anyone interested in getting some idea of what often happened to the dedicated warriors who answered the call to serve in the most controversial war our country ever faced, came home to an uncaring, often hostile, public, went into a long, downward spiral and then rose from the ashes to resume a place in society as a respected, hard working citizen. The book is easy to read and goes straight to the point as it moves quickly along. The story is honest without being gruesome. I found SFC Hack’s path upward very inspiring and I believe any Veteran of any war would also find inspiration within these chapters. It reminded me again that our cause was just and we have nothing to be ashamed of. Do yourself a favor and read this book.

Tom S.


I always find inspiration when I read about individuals who overcome adversity and become productive citizens. The Life of a Warrior is an excellent example of someone who did exactly that.

David Hack could be the “poster boy” for what can be accomplished in life when the cards seemed to be stacked against success.

I fully appreciate his service to our country and am pleased that the way he has lived his life is nothing short of outstanding.

Thank you, SFC Hack.