Sgt. Hack’s US Wings

Sgt. Hack’s US Wings was founded in 1986.  A Vietnam Veteran, Sgt. Hack, was a pioneer in “dotcom” commerce eventually obtaining over a million hits, i.e., visits, each month.  It has been featured in numerous magazines, business journals, newsletters, television show, and the Wall Street Journal.  The US Wings customer lists reads like an invitation roster for a red carpet event and includes many U.S. military top brass, Hollywood movie stars, political dignitaries, corporate  CEO’s and working class people all over the world.
Visiting the US WINGS website provides a great adventure in the purchase of a leather bomber or flight jacket and is rich with the ambiance of American military history. There are sections devoted to every type and style of light jacket. Styles can be based on standard military specifications (true to the patterns of the Second World War) as well as modern designs.  The most unenlightened person can quickly learn how to distinguish between a flight jacket and a bomber jacket and know the difference between the A-2 and G-1 flight jackets.
The site links to several prominent military, patriotic, and aviation organizations and even offers it own “Gold Site Award” to other websites that meets its criteria.  Sgt. Hack’s US Wings website is dedicated to preserving the memory of U.S. military artifacts and important American military history.  US Wings is proud to be a Commemorative Partner of the Vietnam War Commemoration and a Grassroots Volunteer for the National Museum of the U.S. Army.
If you’d like to read more, the link is here.