People are talking about Sgt. Hack’s US Wings Bomber Jackets

What are people saying about Sgt. Hack’s US Wings Bomber Jackets?

These are recent reviews sent to us from very satisfied customers:

I love jackets, particularly the military types. The A2 Leather Bomber Jackets have always been my favourite, but has never made an effort to acquire one until recently. While browsing thro’ Youtube I stumbled across Craig Shipp’s video titled 5 Best Bomber Jackets. Two of them are Indiana made by Wested in the UK and A2-Bomber by US Wings. That’s when I got the name of your company. When I saw the price for A2 modern was reduced from $345 to $195 I immediately grabbed the opportunity. I ordered one, but haven’t received yet; hopefully it will turn up any day this week.

I love the Indy-style jacket too. The jackets look good on Harrison Ford. The style fits the environment in the movie very well. Actually I had one tailored made by a Pakistani maker recently. It is cheap and not bad quality for the price I pay. However it is not comfortable to wear. The sleeves are very tight and the lining along the sleeves are a bit prickly. Also the pockets are too small, I have a difficulty putting my hands in.

I didn’t realise that the first Indy Jacket was derived from Bomber jacket by Neil Cooper. I have been under the impression that they are all originally designed by Wested until I read your article. Seeing that US Wings makes their Indy jackets using Neil’s original pattern, I am very interested in it.

I will therefore try my luck in the monthly draw. I’ll keep my fingers cross! 
John Sudjana

First, it is the quality of all your products. They are of heirloom construction. Their will always be a family member hoping to acquire this jacket.
Personally I retired from law enforcement after 30 years and from the Mn Air Mational guard after 20 years. This jacket speaks to who I am and how I dress.
Nick Wasylyk

This review is for the B-17 A-2. Got this last year and had it painted with the 11th Bombardment Group (H) emblem in honor of my father who was co-founder of the group, a Pearl Harbir survivor and a POW from being shot down over Ploesti Romania. It’s a GREAT goatskin jacket. Substantial weight for cold weather layering yet light enough for COOL weather. I doubt it will ever wear out due to the quality of the leather and construction. It was my second A-2 from U S Wings, where I would ALWAYS purchase my jackets. FIVE STAR rating, great customer service and QUICK shipping. THANKS US WINGS!! 
Leonard Jenkins