Sgt. Hack’s For All Occasions Indy Jackets

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Sgt. Hack’s FAO Leather Jackets, are leather jackets For All Occasions.  From hiking through  the mountains , catching dinner, or hailing a cab on Broadway, FAO Leather Jackets are brought to you by US Wings.  FAO Jackets have the supple, the rugged and the refined jacket for you.  Available in, Striated Lambskin, Lambskin, Vintage Cowhide,Vintage Texas SteerhideBison, Kangaroo and Butter-soft Premium Cowhide, we have FAO Leather Jackets for you.  Dress up or Dress Down, the FAO leather Jackets are truly Leather Jackets For All Occasions.

All FAO Leather Jackets have these features:

  • Two front cargo pockets with original-style pocket flaps
  • Side-entry hand warmer pockets
  • Pleated action back for freedom of movement with correctly-sized small side gaps
  • Small yoke on back panel
  • Original-length side adjustment straps with rectangular sliders
  • An interior pocket
  • Brown nylon lining
  • A brass zipper

This style jacket was originally created by Neil Cooper for the movie RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.   Neil Cooper, now US Wings, originally conceived the first pattern for the INDIANA JONES movies by combining features of the Air Force A2 and the Navy G1.  Eliminating the cuffs and waist band from the A2 and then adding the Bi-Swing back, small side gaps & side adjustment straps with rectangular sliders, the Indiana Jones jacket was born.  There have been multiple jacket manufacturers who have contributed to the four INDIANA JONES movies but it has been verified that the pedigree originated with Neil Cooper and He in fact supplied 8 jackets for theTEMPLE OF DOOM.   From hiking through the mountains, catching dinner or hailing a cab on Broadway,  FAO Leather Jackets are truly jackets For All Occasions.

A recent satisfied customer stated: ”

  Ever since I first saw the Raiders of the Lost Arc it was love at first sight with that iconic jacket / light coat. The fact that the jacket is rugged enough to meet the most excruciating demands placed upon it is proven time and time again in the series of movies. Now that we know it’s rugged lets get down to the tender side. The lack of gathering at the sleeves and waist, plus a bi swing back means to me that it is comfortable and easy to bundle up in the colder days with no compromise. The fact, once again proven by the movies and the ads by US Wings is that this is a jacket that can be dressed up. Beige pleated pants a denim shirt with tie, and the famous Fedora that US Wings features 2 different models. Then on the other hand you can slip this on so quickly with jeans, t shirt, and baseball cap. What more can you ask for in a jacket. It’s one those jackets that becomes what I like to call my ” go to jacket “.

PS…..Because of the bi swing back you can jump in your car or adventure vehicle without removing this wonderful look, talk about looking cool while driving?

Tony  9/17/2015



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