Sgt. Hack & The Light Pole at Portage and Northampton Roads

The Light Pole at Portage and Northampton Roads

Sgt. Hack Recruiter 1970

One method he tried remains  44 years later to this day, on display for thousands of commuters that travel daily on the Portage Trail West extension.  Below is a photo of the poster taken April 18th, 2014 with Sergeant David Hack at the Light Pole on the southeastern corner of Northampton and Portage Trail Roads. Working with the Bob King Sign Company of Akron Ohio, Sergeant Hack, using his own funds created a poster which he glued to this light pole in July 1970.

Sgt Hack 44 Years Later
Sgt. David Hack, a young maverick Army Recruiter, opened a new recruiting office in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio in July 1970.  Eager to continue his success as the #1 Recruiter in the United States, Sgt. David Hack created many new untried methods of reaching potential enlistee’s.
The poster is still visible. This novel approach coupled with “ Sgt. Hack Wants You for the US Army” T shirts, custom painted vehicles: a 1960 Corvette and a M151 US Army Jeep, and NHRA and AHRA affiliations, Sgt Hack maintained his position as the # 1 Recruiter in the country until his retirement as SFC David Hack.
The M151 Army Jeep, affectionately known as the HACKMOBILE, can be seen at the Don F. Pratt Museum at Ft. Campbell Kentucky.  Sgt. Hack was the Recruiter of Choice for the 101st Airborne and the HACKMOBILE was designed after their representations.
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