Saylors Brothers Ballad of Sgt Hack Video

The Saylors Brothers Ballad of Sgt. Hack is a music video by producer-director Kenny & Kyle Saylors. The shoot took place in various locations around Hudson OH using many local residents as cast and crew members. The Ballad of Sgt. Hack was based upon the book, “The Life of a Warrior”.  It tells the story of Sgt. Hack growing up in Kentucky and his military service.  Sgt. Hack met the Saylor Brothers several years ago and discussed the possibility of making a movie based upon “The Life of a Warrior”.  Erica Lane wrote The Ballad of Sgt. Hack .  Once Sgt. Hack heard The Ballad of Sgt. Hack the decision was made to produce a music video of the the song. Starting on Saturday morning on a freezing sunny day, production began going until dark Sunday evening.

Erica Lane – Ballad of Sergeant Hack (USWINGS) from Erica Lane Official on Vimeo.

The Ballad of Sgt. Hack music video has been heard and seen by over a million people around the world.   The Life of a Warrior ninth printing will be released in early August and enthusiasm for this story is growing by the day.   The Saylors Brothers and Sgt. Hack are putting together plans to begin shooting the movie version in 2016.  Kyle Saylors was recently named the second unit Director for a new Ashley Judd film.

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