Helping Vietnam Vets

It is often said that it is important to give back.  SFC David Hack wounded twice in Vietnam, realized the importance of helping his brothers that served.  He felt that sharing his life story could help those that have struggled since coming home. 

 Sgt. Hack spent a year in the Ireland Army Hospital at Ft. Knox Kentucky recovering from severe wounds in Vietnam.  He truly believes the time he spent with his fellow Vietnam Vets helped him overcome the horrors of war and make it easier for him to assimilate back into society.

In its 2015 edition, The Life of a Warrior tells the story of a Sgt. Hack  from his humble beginnings in Sunfish Kentucky to his role as CEO of US Wings.  It is an inspiring story of rising from poverty to serving his country in the Coast Guard and then the United States Army in Vietnam.  Most importantly he relates his success, his failures, and being able to start over from the bottom.

Now in its 9th Printing, this book has been given FREE to over 100,000 people since its original printing in 2005.  Write us a review of “The Life of a Warrior” book.  You may include your impressions, feelings and personal anecdotes and explain how the book has affected or inspired you. Your review will place you into a drawing for a FREE Leather Flight Jacket Modern A-2. One jacket will be given away the 15th of every Month until Christmas. One jacket per customer. No purchase necessary.

You can read the book online for free by downloading the book in PDF format.

Why do we want your reviews? Saylors Brothers Entertainment is creating a feature film based on “The Life of  a Warrior” book and your reviews will be a part of the film. The Saylors Brothers also produced The Ballad of Sgt.  Hack music video. So here’s your chance to be a part of a Hollywood feature.
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