Heartfelt thanks from a Vietnam Veteran to Sgt. Hack


Sgt. Hack,

Just discovered you site and have been drawn in by all the postings –this is just great–thank you. My unit was 319th Transportation out of Long Binh Sept 68-August 69.I spent most of the year on hwy 13-Thunder Road hauling your ammunition to Lai Khe, Quan Loi,Phu Loi, Di An, Phuoc Vinh as well as Hwy 1Cu Chi,Go Dau Ha, and Tay Ninh. To you and all those other posters on your site i want to thank you for protecting my 21 year old ass while i was under your protection. I especially want to thank the 11th Armored Cavalry and their 28 men including Lt. Hal Fritz for protecting our convoy outside AnLoc on Jan.11,1969.

You saved my life and that of my friend Buddy the first time that day and i was able to save Buddy the second time . Would also like to thank the medivac pilot who put his life on the line by landing on hwy 13 to pick up my friend Buddy and myself after i pulled him out from under the overturned 5-ton . I waved you off because we were both able to walk and could catch a truck coming through the ambush area and there were enough dead and wounded from the 11th Armored Cal. who needed your assistance.Also would like to thank the interrogation sgt.and his Kit Carson scout for thorough questioning of the NVA soldiers outside the Quan Loi nso club and k-9 compound on the night of Jan 11,1969 ambush.That was the next thing that brought me back to life after the ambush.Thanks for the memories and especially for the long awaited chance to thank so many that i never met.

Walter Zealy