Consumers Love Sgt. Hack’s US Wings Indy Jackets

Consumers love Sgt. Hack’s  US Wings Indy Jackets:

I love the Indiana Jones movies because of the strong American values they represent. Indy is adventurous, courageous, chivalrous, and intelligent. These are a few of the qualities that has made America the great nation that it is.The Indiana Jones movies have inspired our children to be brave adventurers and enjoy learning.

When they were younger, we bought our two children the Indy style jackets from U.S. Wings. We LOVE them! We hid the jackets and designed a treasure map that the children followed to find clues that eventually led to the ultimate treasure, the Indy jackets. Along the way they discovered an Indy fedora that we also got from U.S. Wings, a whip, and a satchel. Needless to say, this was the first of many adventures that our boys enjoyed in their jackets. Sadly, they have outgrown the jackets now and we are considering buying them new jackets that will fit them at this stage in their life.

I am proud to say that the Indy jackets we bought from U.S. Wings were of excellent quality and looked exactly like the one worn by Indiana Jones in the movies. We thoroughly enjoyed our shopping experience with U.S. Wings and we look forward to purchasing from you again in the future.
Kane Wyatt

US Wings is THE company to turn to for the classic Indianna Jones leather jacket! The quality- the style – the fit- are unmatched. Look no more they are right here.
Dennis Calvert

How can You Win a Free U.S. Wings Indy Style Jacket?

First of all you must understand the history of U.S. Wings and the development of the Indy Style jacket.  The Indy jacket is known far and wide and was an integral and significant part of the makeup of the INDIANA JONES character.  Whether dashing through the jungle or racing across the desert, the jacket protected Indy from all the elements.
Neil Cooper a former partner of U.S. Wings originally conceived the first pattern for the INDIANA JONES  by combining features of the Air Force A2 and the Navy G1.  Eliminating the cuffs and waist band from the A2 and then adding the Bi-Swing back, small side gaps & side adjustment straps with rectangular sliders, the Indy jacket was born. There have been multiple jacket manufacturers who have contributed to the four INDIANA JONES movies but it has been verified that the pedigree originated with Neil Cooper and He in fact supplied 8 jackets for the TEMPLE OF DOOM.
U.S. Wings has the worlds largest selection of Indy Style Jackets available in Texas Steerhide, Antique Lambskin, Cowhide, Bison, Kangaroo and Striated Lambskin leathers.